Arkansas Grazing Lands Coalition and the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

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Rotational Grazing
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Electric Fencing
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Water Management Practices
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The Arkansas Grazing Lands Coalition (AGLC) is a non-profit organization working to further the goals of the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI), a nationwide collaborative process of individuals, organizations, and agencies working together to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of the Nation’s privately-owned grazing land.

Through GLCI, cooperating organizations identify priority issues, find solutions, and create change on private grazing land. It provides a basis for coordination between units of government, institutions of higher education, producer organizations, and individuals. The initiative was designed to complement and enhance existing conservation programs providing technical assistance, education, and research.

The GLCI is a producer-initiated and producer-led effort, implemented through local coalitions supported by livestock producer organizations, scientific and professional grazing resource organizations, conservation and environmental groups, state and federal agencies, and other interested groups.

AGLC is pleased to be involved in implementing the Gazing Lands Conservation Initiative in Arkansas. For more about the AGLC, visit our About Us page.

AGLC Annual Conference 2024

To list your grazing lands related event, contact:

Matt Flynt, Chairman

Glynn Gibson, Vice Chairman

Jonathan Baxter, Treasurer

Garry Clements, Secretary


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